Revealed: the perfect kinder lunchbox

Packing your child’s lunchbox for kinder can be overwhelming. How much to pack, what to pack, what foods are allowed, what will other kids have … it’s a minefield.

So, turning to social media for lunchbox ideas might seem like the obvious solution but stop scrolling now! Instagram and Tik Tok are NOT necessarily the best source of inspiration for your child’s lunchbox and might just end up making you more stressed.

The `perfect’ lunchbox is the one you pack, with love, for your child. You know your child’s likes, dislikes and appetite, so while you’re easing into things, start simple. You can always change it up as you become more confident.

If you’re attending a BCYF kindergarten, check our Nutrition, Oral Health & Active Play Policy so you know what is expected.

BCYF kindergartens encourage healthy eating because research shows a good balance of foods is important for children as they require a large amount of nutrients for growth and development.

When offered a variety of healthy foods, children can and do make good choices. It is also important to provide preschool children with a good foundation in healthy eating, as most children have formed lifelong eating habits before they reach school age.

BCYF kindergartens also encourage nude foods (no packaging or plastic wrap).

Here are our five top tips for kindergarten lunchboxes

  1. Include a variety of foods, but in small quantities (tip: bento-style lunchboxes with different compartments are great for keeping food separate but make sure little hands can easily open and close the lid).
  2. Always include some foods you know your child likes to eat.
  3. Add something new frequently but don’t overdo it portion wise. Bite sized is best.
  4. Involve your child in food preparation and talk about the different food groups.
  5. Have fun with shapes and colours if you have the time, but remember it’s not a competition.

And finally, it’s a good idea to brush up on relevant polices including Anaphylaxis and Food Safety.

For more helpful advice including ideas for snacks and sandwich fillings, see the Family Handbook.