Getting Started

The experience of starting kindergarten can be an overwhelming one, so please give your child time to adjust.

Be patient and understanding while they learn to adjust to this new situation.

Participation in the orientation program at your kindergarten is important in supporting every child’s different responses. Some children may be anxious, while others are quite happy to stay. The setting may appear to be a new world with exciting possibilities or a little confusing and distressing initially. Some children may immediately find a friend to share the experience with, whereas others might find unfamiliar children overwhelming and prefer to observe or play alone until they feel comfortable. It may take time for some children to see staff as someone to rely on for support and guidance. Others adapt immediately. Regardless of your child’s response, it is important you always talk to them (or in front of them) about the service in a positive manner.

If your child is experiencing difficulty in adjusting to the service or feeling some anxiety, please consult the teacher and early childhood educators who will support and develop strategies to ease your child’s transition into the setting.

Take a look at these tips for getting started at kinder to help prepare your child.

What should my child wear?

Play is an essential part of the educational program so please ensure that your child is dressed appropriately for the weather and in clothes that are suitable both for indoor and outdoor experiences. The clothes should be easily washed. Although art smocks are provided for messy experiences, we cannot guarantee that your child will not come home dirty.

  • Clothing: Items that are loose-fitting, made from cool, densely woven fabric and covers as much as the skin as possible is encouraged to be worn. Tops with elbow-length sleeves and, if possible, collars and knee length or longer shorts and skirts. Singlet tops, dresses and clothing with shoestring straps do not provide adequate protection in the sun. To support your child’s independence when going to the toilet, we recommend you dress your child in clothing that they are able to manage independently.
  • Footwear: Sandals, runners or shoes are recommended. These types of shoes ensure stability and greater safety when running, jumping and climbing outdoors. Thongs and “Croc” style shoes are not suitable. Children have great difficulty climbing and running in these shoes. Gumboots are recommended during the winter months.

What does my child need to bring?

  • A named bag large enough for your child to take their work home
  • A named sun hat which is required for outdoor play when UV is higher than 3 (see SunSmart policy)
  • A complete set of spare clothes clearly labelled with your child’s name
  • Your child’s snack, lunch and drink bottle (see Food at the Education and Care Service and Food Ideas).
  • A warm coat for outdoor play during cooler weather