Code of Conduct

Early Years Management Parent(s)/Guardians/Families – Code of Conduct

This code of conduct has been developed to outline the standards of conduct expected of parent(s)/guardians/families. The fundamental principles outlined in this code of conduct are intended to guide parent(s)/guardians/families to act in a fair and ethical manner within BCYF’s Early Childhood Education and Care services and when communicating with BCYF staff.

In relation to children parent(s)/guardian/families accessing the service daily will:

  • Be respectful to all
  • Will communicate in respectful manner to all within the service
  • Will respect the rights of others as individuals
  • Refrain from the use of profane, insulting, aggressive or offensive language
  • Contact the Nominated Supervisor and/or BCYF Early Years Management Team if have an issue or grievance as outlined in the Feedback and Complaints Policy (available on the website), please
  • Refrain from any public criticism of children, adults or staff of the service or BCYF, including on social media, at all times
  • Under no circumstances approach children, staff or another parent(s)/guardian/family member directly in a confrontational manner
  • Abide by the non-smoking policy at the funded Education and Care Service
  • Be responsible for all children who accompany them at drop off and pick up time

In relation to volunteering at BCYF Early Years Services parent(s)/guardian/families will:

  • Be respectful to all
  • Follow staff direction when helping at the Education and Care Service
  • Treat all children equally and with dignity and respect
  • Respect the confidential nature of the information gained, or behaviour observed while participating in the program in relation to another children and adults

In general:

  • Families will be responsible for children’s behaviour when attending activities outside the Service hours, such as working bees and family nights