BCYF acknowledges its early childhood educators

BCYF gave thanks to our kindergarten staff on Wednesday, September 7 as part of National Early Childhood Educators’ Day.

Now, more than ever, maintaining strong connections with friends and the kindergarten community is so important for our young children and their families. Early childhood educators play a part in keeping these connections strong.

Our kindergartens received a gift as a small token of BCYF’s appreciation.

Many of the BCYF kindergarten children and families also wanted to show their appreciation of everything their educators do for them, and sent in pictures as a thank you.

“The resilience and continued commitment that our early childhood educators apply to their work has not gone unnoticed, nor is it taken for granted,” CEO Sandy Morrison said.

“BCYF is proud to recognise and celebrate the very important work our educators do.”

Childhood education improves children’s health and wellbeing across the community, helping them to develop strong social skills and encourages a love of learning.

Children who participate in a kindergarten program are more independent and confident and are more likely to make a smooth transition to primary school.

“The Early Childhood Educators Day tagline this year was ‘Shaping Their World’, an appropriate theme given the role that BCYF’s early childhood educators play in shaping these young children and their future selves,” Sandy said.

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